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Complete with a lifetime warranty, Drinique drinkware delivers virtually indestructible high design. Guaranteed not to shatter, break, or crack, but even if it does, we’ll replace it for free.

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The Drinique Lifetime Warranty

The Drinique Lifetime Warranty

What is covered by the Lifetime Warranty?

All of our drinkware products are covered by our Lifetime Warranty. If your Dinique drinkware ever breaks, cracks or crazes we will replace it.

What does Craze or crazing mean?

Simply put, environmental stress cracking or crazing refers to internal (crazing) or external (cracking) fractures of the plastic material.

Can Tritan Scratch?

Yes, like glass, all plastic drinkware can be scratched or scuffed if it's miss handled.

Avoid contact with abrasive surfaces, soaps with abrasive particals, and scouring pads. Scratching is NOT covered by our warranty.

What is Drinique made of?

What is Tritan plastic?

Tritan is a premium BPA-free plastic manufactured by Eastman in Kingsport, Tennessee. It has the clarity of glass and amazing durability, all while being the safest plastic in the world.

Where is Drinique made?

All Drinique products are Made in USA.

The raw materials we use are made in Tennessee and all of our products are made in Arizona.

Why is Tritan safer than other plastics?

Tritan is best plastic available because it is free of bisphenol A (BPA) and other bisphenol compounds such as bisphenol S (BPS). Inferior plastics such as Polycarbonate contain BPA which has recently been banned in some countries due to it being linked to cancer and other types of negative health issues.

What is Drinique made of?
A Lifetime of Less Plastic Waste

A Lifetime of Less Plastic Waste

Better than glass

We all know glass breaks but many don't realize the extreme amount of energy required to manufacture and recycle it. Drinique products will never break and use a fraction of the energy to manufacture. Don't forget we can also recycle any of our products made from Tritan. Contact Drinique to learn about our recycling takeback program. Tritan is a Number 7 plastic.

Carbon Footprint

Made in America, using American raw materials and equipment, our carbon footprint is already reduced. The extreme durability of Drinique drinkware additionally allows the products to last longer, thus creating less waste.

Recycled Content

Several Drinique products are already made from up to 50% post consumer recycled content. By 2025 all Drinique products will contain recycled content.

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A Promise from our Family to yours.

Drinique pioneered the use of Tritan™ to bring the world's first, and still the best, unbreakable drinkware to market in 2007. Not only does Tritan drinkware look and feel like glass, our exclusive design and manufacturing process allows us to cover all of our drinkware with an unmatched Lifetime Guarantee against breaking and cracking.